With 2018 promising to provide leaps and bounds in the technological field, many current practices should get the boot. Here is a list of the top habits that the computer-savvy individual should attempt to quit in this new year.

Too much smartphone use means less personal interactionsSocial Networking

Although often touted as the easiest and most efficient way to communicate, sites like Facebook & Twitter are all addicting their users to online socializing. The downside of this is the decrease in social skills that our society used to take for granted. These sites also prove to be a giant time suck. In fact, I terminated my facebook account, and with all the spare time I had, I can do other productive things. All the time modern society wastes can be better used for productive purposes, and we can all take the first steps to end this grotesque waste by terminating your social networking accounts.

Online Gaming

In the same vein as social networking, online gaming is often responsible for taking away a lot more of one’s time than would be desired. Thousands of hours of time are wasted in excess online gaming that has gone beyond entertainment and has entered the realm of obsession. Online games also tend to serve as a substitute for a normal social life, which can make it hard for individuals to meet other people without a virtual sword in their hand.

Just like smoking and fatty foods, many technological addictions should be kicked out of our system, and there is no better time than the present. We have entered into a new year, and it is an impeccable time to refine our lives and create a new set of online behaviors that will redefine what it means to spend time online. We should start becoming more productive with technology, and not allow ourselves to become slaves to the virtual world.