Measurement Camp and Being Useful

Measurement Camp (an open source working group) held its meet up as part of an ongoing attempt to work out how to prove the value of social media. The sessions aim to provide a place for people to discuss different ways of tracking campaigns, while attendees ‘compare tactics, think of ways to improve them and […]

Building a User-Friendly Website

Building a user-friendly website is relatively easy as long as you always remember that the site is there for the user, not you, and consider what they want to see rather than what you want to show off. The first part of building your site should involve planning your content. Why does your website exist, […]

Social Media Trends to Watch Out for 2018

You know when people say it is terrible to follow fashion trends? Trend watching may not apply to fashion, but it sure works for online and social media marketing. The reason for this is online algorithms change all the time and what works now may not work next month. So, it is then crucial for […]