Bedbugs are one of the most common pests homeowners from all over the world have to deal with. The rise of bedbugs is attributed to the increased use of fabrics in the many things people use, like clothing, beddings, and furniture. As long as there are fabrics around, bedbugs will always be present, too. So, as you can imagine, it is incredibly challenging to get rid of them for good unless you forego the use of fabrics (which is, of course, impossible).

Bedbugs, therefore, are an ever-present force in every house. Even if your bedding is labeled as having a 100% protection from termites, bugs or fleas, this promise is not fool-proof. Even the most expensive fabrics can still attract bugs, so it is crucial that you are aware of this fact. Awareness is crucial, so you don’t fall into these promises, and you end up paying the price for it.

Discovering bed bugs in your bedroom is the worst thingAnd while bedbugs are ever-present in this day, unfortunately, they are quite tricky to control. It is because they multiply exponentially, so you are not given enough time to manage them once they take hold of your home. So, the question is on how you can control them in a way that they won’t interfere with your health and daily life. One of a homeowner’s biggest nightmares is to have bedbugs lurk around the house, invading clothing and bedbugs. Once this happens, you have no choice but to throw away everything that has been invaded by these pests or call bed bug exterminators. It is because these pose a significant health threat to you once you go on with using these infected things.

Since bedbugs cannot be avoided at all costs, the challenge for you is on how you can better manage them in the long run. You don’t want your family’s health to be compromised, so, for sure, you want to control them in the best way you can.

What are the best ways to control bedbugs in your home? Here are some top tips from the experts:

Mattress covers offer extra layer of protection1. Invest in high-quality beddings and air them regularly

It was mentioned that as long as there are fabrics around, bedbugs will also be around, too. However, you can start investing in high-quality beddings, preferably those made of silk, so although bugs may want to “visit” these areas, they wouldn’t want to stay. It is because silk does not attract bedbugs, termites, and fleas, so these pests would prefer to stay in other areas made of cotton or polyester. But this choice comes with a hefty price with silk being costly.

Just go with silk if you can have the budget for it; if not, you can choose always to be watchful of how and when you air your beddings. A rule of thumb is to air your linens at least once a month. By doing so, you get to get rid of bedbugs that may be living in the area. Also, you can better control pests that may want to live in your beddings since pests don’t like the heat. So, if you get to leave your linens out in the sun at least once a month, you get a natural and most of all, free, treatment for all your beddings. It is a big plus if it is summer because you do not have to worry about the monsoon rains or the lack of sunlight that will stop you from getting to air your beddings. If the weather does not permit, you can, instead, use your home heater or dryer for your linens. Although using these electronic devices are not as powerful as exposing your beddings to the sun, this move is better than nothing. Exposing your beddings to heat is what’s important to keep bedbugs out of the way.

Vacuum cleaning once a month helps control bed bugs2. Vacuum the house at least once a week

Vacuuming around the house is also an effective way to control bedbugs. It is because vacuums emit high heat around the house, making the area an uncomfortable place for bedbugs and other pests to live in. Also, bugs are sensitive to sound, making them want to look for other areas to live in if they get exposed to high volumes on a regular basis.

Just make sure that you vacuum your house regularly, so you get the most benefits. And do not just clean one area, because by doing so, you are just pushing away the bedbugs to travel to other areas of your house. If you need to vacuum, do so for the entire home, and not just in your bedroom. You are not able to enjoy the full benefits of controlling bedbugs by cleaning if you do not do it for the entire home.

Your only investments for this tip would be your vacuum and the time you allot for doing the task. Vacuuming can be time-consuming but worth it in the end, so do not forget to give some time for this during the week.

These are some of the tips you can use to control bedbugs in your home. While you cannot get rid of bugs in your home entirely, there are many ways to manage them, and these are some of the most useful tricks. Hopefully, these tips can help you as much as these helped others, too!