It can be a pain to have oily skin. Especially if you go out a lot and you live in a warm area, the odds are against your favor. You don’t only need to take special precautions when doing your skin care routine. You also have to ensure makeup products are right for your skin type.

When oil blotting sheets do not workHaving oily skin is the result of several factors. Some common causes of oily skin include the following:

1. Genetics

Usually, if oily skin runs in your family, then expect the same for you. It is bad news, for sure, but it is refreshing to know that lifestyle can also trump genetics in many ways.

2. Diet

Diet is a more defining factor in your skin type than genetics. If you love sugar, dairy, and carbohydrates, then it is bad news for you. These types of food dehydrate your skin; therefore, your body compensates by producing more sebum thinking that it is not getting the water it needs. Making the switch to sugar, dairy, and simple carbohydrate-free diet can do wonders for your skin.

3. Sleep

Having less than optimal sleep can wreak havoc on your hormones. Sleeping right is not just about getting the hours that you need, but also getting the right time for your sleep-wake cycle. Do not go beyond 11 PM before hitting the sack, and wake up early so you get to enjoy the healthy Vitamin D that sunrise can provide.

Now that we’ve talked about the common reasons as to why you have oily skin let’s talk about makeup tips that can fit well for your skin type. Remember, this is not going to be straightforward as you need to do some experimentation with products and brands used. Like when you shop K-Beauty products by Peach & Lily. But these tips provide general guidelines that work well for those with oily skin:

Priming your face before makeup1. Use a primer first

The reason why many people with oily skin get makeup smudges is because they fail to use a primer first. Putting on a primer before applying makeup is very important if you have oily skin, because this product can help your skin breathe while shielding your makeup.

2. Go with oil, cream, and glitter-free products

It will be in your best interest to avoid all oil and cream-based makeup products. These can stimulate more sebum production, and if you have oily skin, you already have enough of that. For example, for your moisturizer, go with a gel-based one. Instead of using a cream blush (which is getting more popular these days), go with the traditional powder-based one. For your eyeshadow, go with powder-based products that are glitter-free, so you get to ensure that your skin can still breathe. Glitters do more harm than good when you have oily skin, as they block off the natural flow of air within your skin. So, avoid them at all costs.

Aside from these tips, carry a blotting paper with you all the time. Putting on the right products can produce great results. But in the middle of the day, you may have to pat a blotting paper to get rid of oil marks starting to appear on your face. These carry-on papers are just to avoid any smudges that may appear, so it is best to prevent these from happening.