You know when people say it is terrible to follow fashion trends? Trend watching may not apply to fashion, but it sure works for online and social media marketing. The reason for this is online algorithms change all the time and what works now may not work next month. So, it is then crucial for you to keep in terms with trends, so you don’t get left behind.

ocial media influencers took the stage in 2017The year 2017 has taught us a lot of lessons about social media marketing, and one of these is the importance of visuals. Before, texts were sufficient to advertise your brand. These days, though, compelling videos and photos are essential to make people take notice of your company. The new generation relies on visuals more than texts, but there is also an increasing trend of previous generations opting to watch than to read.

Another lesson we’ve learned in 2017 is the importance of social media influencers. This year has said their semi-goodbyes to traditional advertising where company-driven messages are live-streamed for consumers to see. It was observed that influencers play a more crucial role since they are real people whom social media users get to interact with on a daily basis. Therefore, what they talk about are from their own experiences, and whether this experience is authentic now lies in the judgment of the post viewer.

What social media trends should we watch out for 2018? Here are some of what you must prepare for:

1. The even greater importance of social media influencers

We mentioned that social media influencers have become popular in 2017; however, this trend is expected to rise in 2018. It is because since companies have only started exploring on this group of marketers, there will be more room to grow this coming year. Other platforms will also be tested including Instagram and Snapchat stories. So, if you are looking into leveraging your brand, you want to consider partnering up with a social media influencer who fits the principles of your brand.

Not surprisingly, even big companies such as Rolex and Philip Stein are now using social media influencers to market their brands further.

Live streaming breaks the barriers of time and convenience2. The rise of live streaming for marketing

This year, we’ve seen high-quality videos and photos being published for Manhattan & New York SEO marketing purposes. This 2018, we expect to see the rise of live streaming to further market the brand. The reason for this is that most people now want to look at what’s behind the curtains, or what goes behind the scenes. It is an excellent way to better engage with your audience since they get to get a glimpse of how you operate as a company. It is going to be staged for sure, but the key is to make it as close to reality as possible.

Trend watching is crucial if you want to market your brand online. You can follow other companies and try to figure out their strategies so you can see their strong and weak points. It is good to expose yourself to as many examples as possible so you can better understand the direction you are taking. And remember, what used to work for 2017 may not work for 2018. So plan your social media marketing strategies well ahead of time.

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