The demand for computer programmers is now at an all-time high with more businesses upgrading their systems and shifting to better technologies. The era of paper and pen is long gone in many companies, with even the receptionist punching through visitor and call details on a desktop or tablet. Delivery receipts and log-ins are now transmitted electronically, so does all orders and payments.

Programmers often face immense stress with deadlinesWith this changing business environments, the role of programmers cannot be undermined. There are now more programmers than there was ten years ago, and more people are even switching careers to get into the computer industry. Being in the computer industry now equates to a stable and high-paying job, and a lucrative career. But at what cost?

The immense stress that programmers face is real. More and more are getting treated for anxiety, fatigue, and depression. While many people now get into the industry, others quit because of the physical, mental, and emotional hurdles that they have to go through every single day. What was deemed fun can turn into a never-ending cycle of beating deadlines and the need for innovation.

Most programmers get into the industry because of their love for math and computing. Most already know that they want to be programmers at an early age. It is their passion that drives them to become successful in this career, helping them gain entry to prestigious jobs and companies. Their weekends would be like late nights with friends where they hold contests for solving programming problems, and their love for programming never felt like work at all.

But as they move to high positions, and as the industry becomes cut-throat, programmers are now forced to work extended hours under intense pressure. It is an incredibly unhealthy environment now for many programmers, where they often have to sacrifice personal and family health for work reasons.

How can programmers beat the immense stress that they have to endure every day? Here are some tips to help them thrive:

Find a spot in Central Park to meditate and regain focus1. Learn to meditate

Meditation has a significant role in helping a person to relax, be mindful, and to take control of his/her life. You don’t have to go to a faraway beach or to seclude yourself from the rest to meditate. You can meditate wherever you are, as long as you know the principles of how to do it correctly. Acupuncture can also contribute in preparing your body for meditation and focus. The YinOva Center acupuncture in Midtown, 10003 offers topnotch service when in New York. You can be in your own zone until you find the peace you need to continue working. It is best to talk to a meditation teacher to help you get started.

2. Get off technology when work is done

As a programmer, you have to be in front of computers for the greater part of your day. To help you cope and to help you get the relaxation you need, you must resist any urge to want to be connected to technology after office hours. You may feel obliged to be hyper-connected all the time, but you must learn how to let go every once in a while. When you turn away from technology, you can give time to yourself, family, and friends. You can gain your ground to be in touch with yourself again. Make it a habit of saying “No” to technology after work and on your days off. Doing so will have an immense effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as your social life.

Programmers now have a crucial role in development; thus, they are put under intense stress to succeed and to solve societal problems. But the challenges that they must go through are now getting more intense, so they must learn how to cope up to beat these odds.