A lot of people are turning their heads to different diet options, for weight loss and weight gain, ranging from keto diet to army diets. But while these alternative diet options are great to experiment, it’s important to understand that before picking up any diet routine, you need to look after the different aspects of all these diets.

First of all, you need to take a look at the calories that you are consuming while following a particular diet regime. It so happens, that a lot of people lose out on essential calorie intake required by the body, blinded by the weight loss program.

Diet that suits you bestAnother thing that is often experienced by people is that they are not able to follow a particular diet routine religiously. It is essential to follow a diet plan strictly if you are planning on curating one. For this purpose, you can always mix and match various diet plans and frame one that suits you perfectly. Here are the three types of diet plans that can be followed, to follow a proper weight loss regime.

  1. Low carb diet:

A low carb diet often includes the ketogenic diet regime, that is in rage these days. A keto diet plan is where the consumption of carbs is reduced to 10 grams to 30 grams in a day, just by consuming green leafy vegetables.

Keto diet has become a fad these days. Thus, people end up consuming more of proteins, to substitute it with carbohydrates. The thing is, protein is consumed in the higher amount the body starts producing carbohydrates through the process gluconeogenesis.

The second thing is that if you are going to follow a keto diet, the recommendation from a dietician should be taken and not from a nutritionist.

Another thing to be noted is that during many private events, the low carb diet is one of the most preference dietary choices of the people. People avoid feeling bloated and heavy after a meal in an event and hence, they stick to low carb meals. Hiring a private chef for private events can help you cater to the dietary preferences of the people to present the low carb meals.

You can take the assistance of professional private chef services available in your city to cater to private or public events with special dietary preferences.


  • In a ketogenic diet, the consumption of carbohydrates is reduced. The level of carbs in the body retain the water levels in the body. Thus, the water retention process takes a toll, and you end up losing weight.
  • When you follow a ketogenic diet, the carbohydrates that are consumed are from leafy vegetables. So, the food products that are high in carbs and less in nutrition are deducted from your intake process.
  • A lot of people have experienced that after following a ketogenic diet routine for weeks, the productivity levels of a particular person hikes up.


  • Athletes are recommended to stay away from the keto diet. It so happens that when the level of consumption of carbohydrates reduces, the glycogen levels in the body go down. Thus, athletic performance is affected negatively.
  • When you shift to nuts instead of eating bread and cakes, while following a ketogenic diet, people often end up overeating these nuts.
  1. Time restricted eating:

In this diet, people end up choosing a specific time of the date to consume their platter of food. The entire day, they will consume water or beverages that are sugarless. If you are someone who can not follow a particular diet, this one is the best for you.


  • In this diet, the consumption of any kind of food supplement is not restricted. You can consume whatever you want to, until and unless you are fasting.
  • You can keep a fast time according to your convenience. You can choose an 18 hour, 6 hours or a 12-hour plan.
  • All those people who have got a habit of munching food all the time, the time-restricted diet can prove to be helpful.


  • A lot of people, tend to get into the diet fad of portion control, but they are not able to handle the portion control diet. So, for them, time-restricted eating shall be a problem.
  • All those people who are involved in sports or are involved in the gym and other activities, the diet can take a serious toll on them.
  • If you have an office job, that keeps you on your toes, skipping the first day of the meal won’t be a good option. It’s better to follow other diet routines, other than following the time-restricted diet.
  1. Elimination diet:

Mainstays of a Paleo DietThe elimination diet is a kind of a diet regime where you need to restrict the intake of certain kind of food items or a group of food items. For example, the paleo diet and vegan diet are followed under the group of elimination diet plan. Before following the elimination diet plan, make sure that you consult the doctor regarding your vitamin and mineral supplement in the body.


  • When a particular person tries to eliminate a food group, you will be able to judge the response of that food item on your body. This way, you can analyze your food intolerance as well.
  • When you exclude a particular group of food from your diet, you end eliminating those food items that are heavy in calories. So you will be able to see some drastic changes in weight.


  • The con of this diet is that when you stop consuming certain food items, you end up thinking negatively about the calories processed in that particular food category. So, you start thinking that certain food groups are negative in terms of food intake. Although, if one specific food item is consumed in an appropriate quantity, there will be a negative impact on your weight.
  • It’s often observed, that people who follow this diet are not able to take in the proper amount of nutrients and are partially calorie deficit. Consider vegans; they exclude the consumption of animal products. Thus, they end up having a protein deficiency.
  • Most of the people are not able to handle the diet plan and exclude certain food items from their diet plan. However, they are not able to stick properly to the diet and end up failing the diet regime miserably.

In a nutshell, all these diet plans will help you get the body of your choice and will impact majorly on your weight. It is crucial to consult a dietician before following a particular diet plan. Evaluate and analyze the pros and cons of the diet plans effectively and then go ahead with the best option for you.